“Next, artist on the rise”

“An expansive album streaked with
orchestral beauty and unbridled
passion, the subject matters
[of This is an Adventure] stretch
from death to lifelong journeys,
keeping our attention with
spritely chimes and sing-a-long
- Under The Radar

‘There's a spectacular innocence to
the music that these five men make,
with it seemingly coming from a
place of simple discovery and
understanding...effortless folk-pop.’
- Daytrotter

Public radio-­-friendly folk-­-pop...
[one of CMJ’s] pleasant surprises.”
- Brooklyn Vegan

“The young Cleveland group proves
that in indie rock, the whale is
the wolf’s kinder if not downright
folkier cousin, as they perform
uplifting, rustic indie pop. Their
self titled debut LP is similarly
full of poppy sing-alongs with
plenty of glockenspiel and handclaps.”
- KEXP Seattle
“Really cool melodic folk-rock… and
a live show you’ve got to check out
for yourself.”

“With their earnest brand of folk
inflected and literary leaning
indie-pop, Lighthouse’s critical
praise and fan following is only
set to rise.”
- Paste Magazine

“The Cleveland band's decidedly
Midwestern synth-pop brims with
enthusiasm and hooks, devoid of
the cynicism and irony that can
plague the genre.”
- Cleveland Plain Dealer

“This Is An Adventure gives listeners
a second look at a band that could
have been typecast as “indie-folk;”
however, they manage to successfully
mix their roots with their ambitions
to create a sonically enjoyable,
altogether interesting and unpretentious
- Glide Magazine

“The Lighthouse and the Whaler is a
monstrosity that is so amazingly good
that it almost seems wrong. You get
everything with these guys, from crazy
quirky sounds to seriously well-thought
out lyrics.”
- MSN Juice